On #Precious - a movie to motivate

From NYT: “the harrowing story of a 350-pound illiterate teenage girl who is pregnant for the second time by her father and horribly abused by her mother.”

Preface: I was lucky enough to get early screening ticket through a friend of my friend, Michelle, who knew that I’ve been waiting for the movie to finally be released (Nov. 6).  #Precious is a movie that made me realize just how lucky I really am.

I’ve always known that through a combination of education, family and tenacity that I have a great life.  My family and my experiences are responsible for every part of me - both good and bad. 

Now on to #Precious.  Some people are given everything they need to succeed and waste it. Some people are given a little and do alot. Some are given nothing and do nothing good. And some are given less than nothing.  They are children that know only abuse and are just left by their “parents” and society to flounder. And we focus on their floundering - a life of crime, continuing the cycle of abuse and child neglect, etc.  If you somehow hear that they were raised and treated horribly, it’s easy to just write them off and move on.

But what if you were able to go back in time to when that person was in his/her formative years? What if you could have done SOMETHING to change their path? Clarice Precious Jones only knew “love” in the physical sense. She had been sexually abused by both parents all her life, and had two children by her father. She was literally a punching bag for her mother and for all the people around her, and therefore felt she had no purpose or promise. She’d never been given a Christmas present and no one had ever held her hand before, and she was 17 years old.

When I was younger, I had two friends that were in abusive households.  I asked my parents if they could come stay with us temporarily to give them a safe place and some distance from their abusers.  I was told no because “What if they get hurt at our house? Our insurance wouldn’t cover a lawsuit.” My parents are not uncaring people. They just put themselves and us before others, and I cannot judge them for that decision.

#Precious, through social services, was able to meet several adults who were able to help her in small amounts.  None of the adults were able to give her a stable, loving home, but one housed her temporarily. One provided an ear. One showed her affection and gave her what he could financially.  The movie wasn’t the typical child finds hero and changes life-happy ending story.

This upset me at first. Why couldn’t they take her in and be everything she needed? They knew her problems and her history, and new she needed sooo much more than they gave.  It was because they put their own lives, family and priorities first.  And again, I cannot judge them because that is what we are supposed to do.  They did what they could when they could and were able to keep their distance (for the most part) emotionally. I just don’t understand how.

I am married now and have a son. We own a small townhouse and my mother rents our finished basement. We physically have no room to take in a child or teenager, which I do regret because I’d love to be a foster mother and maybe even adopt someday.

But #Precious helped me realized that just because I can’t do everything doesn’t mean that I can’t do something. And I’m going to.

A good question was asked at the panel discussion that followed the screening.  “Who’s responsibility is it to raise a child?”  There will never be enough federal, state or local funding for all the programs that exist to help children or young mothers in need.  And the workers in these programs cannot provide everything for them. 

Several cliches were thrown around last night. “Make a difference.” “Power of Positive Reinforcement.” “Positive Role Models.” Whatever you call it - just do something. 

I’m going to start here - , where the panel ‘s moderator works.  He was in and out of various foster homes and was a victim of abuse, and now helps foster kids.  It’s a volunteer organization that requires quite a bit of commitment, but I will be able to actually help improve a life. That’s until we move into a bigger house ;)

Do they think it’s a coincidence that the guy that embodied everything that Karl Rove and GWB was not won the election? The Democratic Party will never be “unified,” but the Republican party right now has no direction, no decent leadership, and clearly hasn’t learned from the American public. Stupid buzzwords meant to attack the other party and sleazy tactics are so 2002.

Don’t call me.

I want to announce how much I hate talking on the phone. Most people know this about me, yet several persist and still call me to “shoot the shit.” If it can’t be said in an email or a text, then I don’t have time to hear about it. Why do the older people at work all call and leave voicemail messages? I HATE it when I first get in my office and see the big red light telling me I have a voicemail message. Go into Outlook, hit “compose,” and type it out. Also, a friend called me to wish me Happy Mother’s Day because I play a positive role in her life. She left a voicemail about it saying that I didn’t have to call her back. I thought that was very thoughtful for two reasons. One more - if I don’t text you immediately after you text me, please do not keep texting me asking me if I’m mad at you. I’m 32. You’re in your late 20’s. High school is long over. I’m really busy, and the text messaging function on my treo is a pain in the ass to get to.

Texts from Last Night:

(757): If you had to guess, would you say that as a species, midgets are more or less flammable than humans? (269): Less. Duh. They have less combustible mass.


"At the top of a flight of stairs, as you’re doggy-styling a chick, give her a modified donkey punch between her shoulders. As her arms fly into the air, grab her wrists and thrust. You should be able to ride her down the stairs like a toboggan." UrbanDictionary has the funniest sh*t.

Job ad on Craiglist my sister found

Head Lice Removal Technician- Hair dressing exp a plus

Reply to:
Date: 2009-04-20, 10:22AM

Head Lice Removal Company is seeking head lice technician (nit-picker) for Maryland area. We will train the right person. Hairdressing experience is a plus. This is an on call type position where you will be working about 20-30 hours a week. You will be going on house calls throughout your territory.
Training starts in New Jersey next week. Must be available and able to get to and stay in NJ for the week of 4/24/09. All other training will be in your territory.

Basic qualifications:
Must be available to be on call 6 days a week. Daytime and early evening hours only – about 20-30 hours a week of work. Will vary from week to week
Must be available to work at least one weekend day every week
No pet allergies
Must be able to stand for long periods of time
Must have good eyesight
Must have a lot of patience and be good with children
Hairdressing experience a plus, but not required
Must have reliable transportation and insurance
Training starts in New Jersey next week. Must be available and able to get to and stay in Central NJ for the week of 4/24/09. All other training will be in your territory.
If you meet all the above qualifications and are interested in this position, please email me your contact information along with your schedule of availability to work.
Serious inquiries only, please.

  • Location: Maryland/Northern Virginia
  • Compensation: $30/ hour +
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Original URL:

Thank you, Shepherd Smith.

AFP: The CIA first sought in May 2002 to use harsh interrogation techniques including waterboarding on terror suspects, and was given key early approval by then-national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, a US Senate intelligence document said.

Disgusting. And we’re leading the “war on terror (terra)?” Guess what? If you waterboarded a person 266 times in 30 days and didn’t get the answer you wanted, chances are he doesn’t have that answer.  I’d tell you whatever you wanted to hear after one session!

"You know, I cried really hard when I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet. Then I laughed…really hard." Gerri Blank

"You know, I cried really hard when I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet. Then I laughed…really hard." Gerri Blank

Room for Everyone by Cathy Nichols.

Room for Everyone by Cathy Nichols.

A Gaythering Storm - see earlier post.